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Replace your POTS lines with our reliable LTE Solutions

We make POTS replacement simple, easy and affordable!


POTS Replacement is in the business of replacing old copper telephone lines specifically for Fire Panels, Elevators, Emergency lines, Point-of-Sale Terminals, and Fax lines for commercial buildings. We replace old analog copper lines with reliable cellular LTE connections for a low monthly fee. Due to the rapid discontinuation of analog copper lines as well as high monthly fees, our services typically save businesses a lot of money. POTS Replacement specializes in companies with 100s of locations and 1000s of lines.

POTSreplacement delivers brand-new, super-reliable LTE Connections for a low monthly fee. LTE

What makes us different and why our solution will work for you…

  • Enterprise Class Business Offerings.

  • Fire Marshall Approved in all 50 States.

  • NFPA 72 Signaling Code Certified.

  • UL 864 Listed & Approved.

  • A “Set and Forget” Solution.

  • Universal Compatibility.

  • “ONE Call Vendor” for all POTS Lines.

  • Simple, Easy, Affordable, Fixed Pricing.

  • 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee (any reason).

  • “LIFE-of-TERM” Warranties.

  • Dedicated 24/7 Tech Support.

  • Secure Private Network.

  • Real Time Analytics.

  • Central Station Monitoring.

  • Customer Portal/Dashboard.

  • Professional Installs/3500 Nationwide Techs.

  • Trace, Tag & Remap Telco Rooms.

  • Future Proofed Devices & Services.





Point of Sale

Blue Light


Security Gate
Door Access

Panic Button

Meter Reading

Out of Band

Internet Backup

100% uptime guarantee with real- time insight into every line via our customer dashboard monitoring portal. Future proofed with “Life-of-Term” warranties.

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